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Blogging with the HP TouchPad and wireless keyboard rocks!

July 9, 2011

Two blog posts in a given month, I must be trying to set a record. :) I am hoping that the nice WordPress app on the TouchPad will make it easier for me to keep blogging here on the personal blog. So far that is the case, especially using the HP wireless keyboard for the TouchPad.

This keyboard is only slightly bigger than the TouchPad’s length, but it is very comfortable for typing, even rivaling my Apple keyboard. It is probably no accident that the HP design is similar to that of Apple, except in the webOS black, of course. 

I am putting the keyboard through its paces for a review and find it well designed for heavy usage. It is extremely light and small as you can see in the photo, so throwing it in the bag is a no-brainer if I believe a blogging opportunity might present itself during an outing.

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  1. mikecane permalink

    Does it keep the Bluetooth connection? Your Freedom did not. That’s something I experienced with the Nokia 770 and that Chinese-made Bluetooth keyboard I bought off ebay from Taiwan.

    • It maintains connection for hours by my testing. Keep in mind that this keyboard was specifically designed and built to be used with this tablet. That makes a difference. As do the dedicated keys for operating the TouchPad via keyboard.

      • mikecane permalink

        I was hoping to hear that. At least that sounds all good. Tx.

  2. James permalink

    Is there a case built specifically to hold both the TouchPad and the keyboard?

  3. Great… I’m getting my own HP Touchpad 32 GB with FREE Touchpad Case and also Wireless Keyboard along with my S$334 Mystery gift for being first 50 customer to pre-order online :)

  4. Vyron Harris permalink

    Took your advice off twitter and grabbed one off Amazon great pick up for me thanks.

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